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Mission Statement

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Vision Statement

A world that accepts and celebrates all human diversity.



Bringing together mature gay and bisexual men for friendship, personal growth, activities, and support.




Prime Timers Value

  • The right for all people to live authentically and with dignity.
  • Personal enrichment through service to others.
  • Families of choice as well as families of origin.
  • Healthy aging through supportive relationships.
  • Healthy physical, emotional and sexual living.
  • The blending of all generations.
  • Personal growth through education and mentoring.
  • Collaboration with other organizations that share our core values.


Tag Line

For the best times of your life


by Jim W

I kept putting this task further down on my never-ending To Do List, but now 7 days before Christmas, it has moved to a mission critical slot. When I was younger, multi-tasking was second nature.

As one nears the three-quarters-of-a-century mark, it is so easy to talk about aches, pains, operations, and tribulations –these harpies control much attention and remind one that time is limited and fleeting. Since I plan to live to 100 or more, I will chose to focus on the good and happy aspects of life that will give me a resolve to complete this journey.

Members of the Charlotte Primetimers play Volleyball at the chapter's annual picnic. Photo courtesy of Charlotte Primetimers.

It's going to be a great Celebration this July. Last year, we had four hundred and ninety-two men registered for the ACOF weekend. Currently, we have more people registered than we did at this time last year from more areas around the world. Being just a simple man, I feel truly blessed to have so many friends coming to Orlando this July. (Note: The cutoff date to make hotel reservations is 30 June 2014.)

Over 250 Primettimers gathered at Las Vegas in early May for their annual Western Regional Gathering.

It was a huge success, with great food, a never-ending Hospitality Suite with an open bar, a great venue, and several very informative workshops.

Several members of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter visited the Dallas Zoo this spring

Every Tuesday afternoon – except for when schools are not in session – members of Prime Timers of Central Florida can be found at Three Point Bowling in southeast Orlando doing their best to knock down all the pins with their balls. Photo by Ron Bush

Ask your chapter for informative programs.

Dr. John Ouderkirk presenting information on maintaining a healthy heart, at the Atlanta Primetimers monthly program meeting in April. Photo courtesy Atlanta Primetimers.

Some members of Ft. Lauderdale Primetimers during their annual Easter Bonnet Parade. Photo by Kaz Takahashi, Ft. Lauderdale Primetimers.

The Central Oklahoma Prime Timers Love greeting their guests every year, and this year is no exception.

They also have a lot of fun coming up with a theme—for instance, since there were a lot of nuts claiming the world would end in 2012 because of the Mayan Calendar, there was a Mayan theme, and guests were encouraged to "Party like it's the end of the world."