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2019 Worldwide Prime Timers Convention in San Antonio, Texas

2019 Convention bannerOctober 29-November 2, 2019!

"An exciting, affordable convention in a beautiful city!"

Plan ahead for Prime Timers trip to the picturesque city of San Antonio, Texas in 2019. A pre-convention sale to participants at the Chicago Worldwide Convention produced some exciting enthusiasm. Normal registration will begin October 25, 2018 at $175 per person for Prime Timers and $215 for non-Prime Timer guests. Maybe it is time to join the Independent chapter for $15! Your registration includes:

  • Free hospitality room with drinks and food provided
  • A day pass on the Riverwalk river barges on the San Antonio River
  • Embroidered Polo Shirt
  • Educational Seminars
  • Daily free hot buffet breakfast for registered guests
  • Luncheon Buffet on Day 1
  • Masquerade Party on Halloween
  • "Golden Girls" Themed Final Dinner Buffet with The Golden Chorus entertainment


Our hotel is located on the banks of the San Antonio River on the famed Riverwalk. El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel is a 275-room facility completely set aside for Prime Timers making this a wonderful experience. Room rates are at our negotiated rate of $124 for one or two persons and $132 for three or four occupants plus taxes.

Make plans now to be in San Antonio in October 2019!

Travel Opportunities

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NCL Jade's 16-Night Transatlantic Cruise

September 29, 2018 to October 15, 2018




PRIME TIMERS WORLDWIDE, Michael & Robert, and Courtyard Travel present Prime Timers Family and Friends Winter Cruise on Celebrity's Silouette.

A 16 Night Transatlantic Cruise From London (Southhampton) to Miami. Optional Package available by mid-summer! Three days in London at central hotel with a half day tour and transfer to Southampton. Proceeds to benefit Prime Timers Worldwide.


For more information, please click here









January 12-19, 2019
Holland America Oosterdam

Michael and Robert Friends and Family, Courtyard Travel present Winter Cruise 2019.  Proceeds to benefit Prime Timers Worldwide.

For more information, please click here





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We are truly excited about your interest in starting a Prime Timers Worldwide Chapter. When you do it, you will be embarking on what is sure to be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. You will find the enthusiasm with which the project is met, and the good that the organization brings to its members to be a real incentive to make the organization work. Every sincere attempt to start a chapter has had unqualified success; there are many guys waiting for this opportunity.

To assist you along the way, we have prepared an information packet that includes general instructions to help in the initial stages of the organization. Contact our Vice-President of ChaptersPresident, or Director Emeritus and they will send you the packet and help you get started. After the second meeting (and the election of a temporary governing board), things will fall into place, and keeping the club moving forward will be easy.

Also included is a set of general guidelines to provide those constants we think necessary if the name "Prime Timers" is to mean the same thing wherever it is mentioned. We have included a list of steps in starting a chapter; just remember that these are not all done at once. We keep operating procedures loose so each chapter can operate in a way that is best for its members and community.

The Worldwide recognition of Prime Timers means that members now have "connections" when they travel. Members are welcome to attend events of all other chapters, and this networking opportunity is being widely used.

Through Worldwide, you have free exchange of ideas between chapters. We share our monthly newsletters with other chapters. These provide a rich source of ideas for programs and activities. We share forms and write-ups of any kind that may be used word for word, or can be altered to meet your specific needs.

If you decide to pursue the idea of starting a chapter, you will learn there are a lot of wonderful guys out there who are not into bars; and who, therefore, have become disconnected from gay society. They will find a whole new social life, thanks to Prime Timers. Also, you will vastly increase your own set of friends. It's great!

Please keep in touch and let us know how we can help. When you set your first meeting date, we will send you additional forms, newsletters, etc. We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you.

Ever wonder what it is like to be a member of a largely rural chapter? If you are in an urban chapter, you may hear someone comment that a 20 mile trip across town is too far to drive for an event. But what do guys who live in the wide open spaces do?

A well- deserved honor was bestowed upon our Tulsa chapter secretary, John Madigan at the Oklahoma Equality Center’s Gala Ball on April 28, 2012. He was honored with the Community Hero Award.

Pride in Melbourne

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Members of Vintage Men/Prime Timers Melbourne staff their booth at Midsumma Festival (remember, February is mid-summer in Australia).

St. Louis held its regional road trip to the capitol of Illinois, Springfield, located on historic Route 66. The annual May event was expanded this year into a twoday itinerary that was packed with interesting and fun events in a variety of venues.