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This area contains all of the news articles from the Prime Timers Worldwide quarterly newsletter.  They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent news article listed first.  Feel free to peruse this article archive; it is chock full of interesting stories from local chapters, the worldwide organization as a whole, and important news to its members.

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There are already many public memorials to the hundreds of thousands of gay men who were persecuted and killed by the Nazi regime. In Holland, Germany, France, Austria, Spain and other European countries the memorials are taken for granted. There are several in the USA – including in Alaska – as well as in Canada and Australia. Even Montevideo, Uruguay, unveiled one in 2005. Now Israel/Tel Aviv has joined the family of nations that have recognized the fact that many minorities suffered terribly under Nazi rule, including the homosexual community, Jewish and otherwise.

The Dayton, Ohio, Prime Timers chapter brought the regional chapters together for our 6th Annual Pig Roast at an area Metro Park shelter for a day of fun, food, and exchanging friendships & conversation. On Sunday, August 16, 2015, our Event Chairman and Vice-President, Steve S, oversaw another successful beautiful gathering in the lush green Metro Park system we are lucky to have in Dayton.

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In celebration of Father's Day, how well do you know of famous (or infamous) fictional fathers in television and movies? Take this pop quiz and see how well you can name the character's (not the actor's) name of the TV show or movie.

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