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This area contains all of the news articles from the Prime Timers Worldwide quarterly newsletter.  They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent news article listed first.  Feel free to peruse this article archive; it is chock full of interesting stories from local chapters, the worldwide organization as a whole, and important news to its members.

The new Central Iowa chapter (located in Des Moines, Iowa's capitol city) is already a year old, and is going strong. They recently took a boat dinner cruise to celebrate the anniversary.

In early December, each chapter received an e-mail with the subject "Dues Letter." It is the annual reminder that dues are payable to the PTWW Treasurer by January 31st and the Chapter Information Sheet should be returned to the PTWW Secretary.

The message is sent to the chapter president and the chapter liaison e-mail addresses as shown on the PTWW database. Each chapter should be aware of this request and respond.

Coming Out at 55

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By Anthony Hillier, member, Vintage Men / Prime Timers Melbourne


I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been a member of Vintage Men Victoria / Prime Timers Melbourne for three years.


I am a proud gay man and have been out to my friends for over 20 years. My partner Patrick and I have been together for 21years but I had not told my family that he was more than just my housemate. At the age of 55, 1 decided I needed to come out to them - first to my mum and then to the rest of the family.

Founder Filosofy

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Remember the stories you got from whatever sources about the birds and bees? Well, one of the advantages of being old is that we know what sex is (or was). I can't believe that I was brainwashed into believing that stork myth — or Santa Claus — or the tooth fairy, etc. When I learned the truth about these fictional characters, my faith in my parents' veracity was forever slightly tarnished. Am I sorry that these misrepresentations occurred? I don't know.