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This area contains all of the news articles from the Prime Timers Worldwide quarterly newsletter.  They are listed in chronological order, with the most recent news article listed first.  Feel free to peruse this article archive; it is chock full of interesting stories from local chapters, the worldwide organization as a whole, and important news to its members.

As a result of the Windsor decision a year ago, federal agencies now recognize same-sex marriages. For the most part, every federal agency has implemented benefits for same-sex couples that are equal to those enjoyed by opposite sex couples.

Social Security, for one, is no longer prevented from recognizing same-sex marriages for purposes of determining entitlement to or eligibility for benefits. Social Security says it "is now processing some retirement, surviving spouse and lump-sum death payment claims for same-sex couples and paying benefits where they are due."

In the past twelve months, marriage equality in the United States has taken a giant leap forward. First, Washington, Maryland, and Maine approved gay marriage by a vote of the public. In Minnesota a proposed constitutional ban on same-sex marriage was turned down by voters, leading to the state legislature approving same-sex marriage in May. Rhode Island and Delaware also approved gay marriage this year


Boston Prime Timers celebrated their 25th Anniversary Sunday, August 12th aboard the cruise ship Marika out of Rowes Wharf in Boston. 119 members and guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, cocktails, the music of TNY Entertainment (Thanks Tony and Steve) and dancing. In addition there was a photographic tribute to the BPT (Thanks Frank). 

by Rob Howard, President, Prime Timers Worldwide

In 1987, Woody Baldwin was 67 years old. I think most of us, as we approach our retirement years, think of just that – retirement. But Woody had other ideas.

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