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Personal stories

Personal stories (26)

This area is for creative works contributed by you, our members.  Fiction, non-fiction, personal experiences, poems, observations are all welcome; please post anything that other members would find interesting and meaningful to enrich their own lives through your writings.  Copyrighted works from other sources are not permitted without permission.  Similarly, your posted material becomes public domain and available to read, use, and enjoy by everyone.  Please do not post works that you have already copyrighted or intend to copyright later.

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Earlier this month, I began to look around for something that might inspire me to write some words that might appropriately honor the gay veterans in our midst, in observance of Memorial Day weekend. Suffice to say, whether all of you know it or not, we have a large number of veterans in the Atlanta chapter, and we now keep a record in our database of whether or not each of our members is a veteran, if a member chooses to divulge that information. Today I've finally managed to come up with a few thoughts of my own as we begin our Memorial Day weekend.


My Hope

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(July 2002)

Now that I am over 80, I figure I have earned the right to be cantankerous, forgetful, stupid, helpless, etc. I've also earned the right to be preachy, nostalgic, proud, sentimental, etc. 

Australia & N.W. USA/Canada BC

LUKE BRYANT – continues, it as self evident:

“There is a lot more to a person’s sexuality, other than being gay.”

After years of being cocooned in cars and constantly observing motorcyclists from time to time in danger from car drivers, I’d became seriously concerned about their apparent indifference toward two wheels – and the lack of Government action. I decided to become a “Motorcyclist” (Not Bikie) to have the pleasure of fresh air my my face and the freedom to explore the countryside - and perhaps help change car driver and Government attitudes in ways yet not understood.

By Luke Bryant, Independent Member, Prime Timers Worldwide

In the later part of the 20th Century, the sometimes painful but relentless journey from "Tolerance" a word that suggests, "Yeah but?" instead of "Acceptance" of the 10 to 15%+ of non-heterosexual people reached an important milestone on June 28, 1969 in the New York "Stonewall Riots" when a series of violent demonstrations by the gay community against a police raid took place and later in 1978 the Sydney Mardi Gras grew from gay rights marches as numerous participants were arrested by New South Wales State Police. This was supported by the NSW politician, Fred Nile, an ordained religious zealot opposed to homosexuality, as he saw it a "lifestyle choice" and the Sydney Mardi Gras a "public parade of immorality and blasphemy".

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