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Personal stories (26)

This area is for creative works contributed by you, our members.  Fiction, non-fiction, personal experiences, poems, observations are all welcome; please post anything that other members would find interesting and meaningful to enrich their own lives through your writings.  Copyrighted works from other sources are not permitted without permission.  Similarly, your posted material becomes public domain and available to read, use, and enjoy by everyone.  Please do not post works that you have already copyrighted or intend to copyright later.

If you wish to contribute your own personal stories, please click here. You must be logged in to the website in order to contribute.  All contributions are reviewed before being posted to the website.

by Jim W

I kept putting this task further down on my never-ending To Do List, but now 7 days before Christmas, it has moved to a mission critical slot. When I was younger, multi-tasking was second nature.

As one nears the three-quarters-of-a-century mark, it is so easy to talk about aches, pains, operations, and tribulations –these harpies control much attention and remind one that time is limited and fleeting. Since I plan to live to 100 or more, I will chose to focus on the good and happy aspects of life that will give me a resolve to complete this journey.

by Paul Hinson

I'm writing this the Monday after yet another exhilarating Atlanta Pride weekend. In keeping with our tradition, APT staged a booth again at Pride this year, funded in whole by contributions raised by the sale of raffle tickets at our monthly meetings over the past year. We had more than 50 individuals sign our guest register, and we handed out hundreds of cards to potential members. It was a great weekend, thanks in large part to the hard work of each and every member who passed out cards, greeted visitors, or just stopped by the booth. Special thanks go out to Gary Uitvlugt, Daniel Hyland, and Charles Stevens for coordinating our presence at this year's event.

By Luke Bryant - Australian Independent Member - Prime Timers Worldwide

Most Countries annually celebrate or memorialize an important event in their histories that involves citizens in a uniform that is identical or of distinctive style. They identify themselves as a member, or supporter of a group or, the uniform is worn to identify their occupation, affiliation, or status.

In the USA, July 4 is "The Day" the Nation celebrates its freedom; this includes a huge variety of uniforms proudly worn by hundreds of thousands of American Citizens, while Memorial Day is for remembering the men and women who died while serving in the USA Armed Forces, it is memorialized every year on the last Monday of May. 

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