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How to use RSS feeds

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rss-feedRSS Feeds are information updates that many popular websites (Yahoo! News, BBS, CNET, Forbes, Disney, and more) use to deliver headline news to your computer/device without needing to visit each individual website.  It allows you to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in.  For the Prime Timers Worldwide website, you can receive updates when news or announcements are posted to the website, when new newletters editions are available, when members contribute content to the website, and much more.  All of this information is instantly "pushed" to your computer/device without needing to visit the PTWW website on a continual basis.


To use RSS Feeds, you need an RSS reader program.  You will find that some programs have RSS feed readers built into them already, such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook, etc.  Below are some popular programs that people use to read RSS feeds on their computers/devices:



You can add PTWW RSS feeds to your favorite programs/devices in these two ways:

  1. In any area of the PTWW website where you see the orange RSS Feed logo, simply click that logo to add the RSS feed to your favorite program.  
  2. In the "Tell Us" menu at the top of the website, all of the available RSS feeds are listed in one place.  Simply click the RSS feed that you are interested in.


When adding an RSS feed using one of the methods above, either this is done automatically (your RSS program will pop-up and lead you through the steps) or you may see a page of gibberish.  If you see gibberish, you are actually seeing the RSS "code" itself.  In this case, copy of the page URL address at the top of your web browser, start your RSS program, then paste the URL address as a new feed.  You are good to go!


Please note that when new worldwide or chapter newsletters are available, you can use method 1 above for a high level of control.  For instance, there are different RSS feed icons for updates on new worldwide newletter edition availability, updates when any chapter newsletter is available (regardless of area), updates when newsletters from chapters in particular state(s) are available, or when newsletters from particular chapter(s) are available.  The choice is yours!


If you have any questions or need help with using RSS feeds on your computer/device, feel free to contact the PTWW webmaster.

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