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Can We Let You Know About Imminent Issues – Like a Scamming Threat?

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The morning of our most recent Worldwide Board meeting on April 26, 2018, two scamming attempts came to our Board Treasurer, Jim O'Brien. Both used our advertised position email address from the Worldwide website and personalized it with Board member names. We are attuned to these attempts to defraud our organization having experienced similar attempts in the past. Jim is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and cannot be fooled easily. He is preparing a warning message to remind current chapter officers of these criminal attempts. Will you receive his warning?

Some actions the Prime Timers Worldwide Board take as a service to the chapters include sending reminders and alerts about security of your chapter funds and potential criminal activity. In an article written on October 21, 2016 by Michael Stone, former president and current Director Emeritus, he told of the issues with delivery of inheritances Woody Baldwin left the chapters. The Board experienced many problems helping the Administrator of Woody's estate find where to send checks. We had outdated information. There are numerous reasons the Worldwide organization needs to contact a local chapter. Our ability is only as good as our database of information.

On chapter visits I've been asked what is a CIS? Your Worldwide Board has taken steps to answer that question. Whenever we are speaking of the form that collects current chapter information, we will first spell out the term Chapter Information Sheet (CIS) to clarify what we mean when using the abbreviation. The CIS is our source of officer names, chapter contacts, membership numbers and a wide variety of information we use for sending you information and for analysis of the organization as a whole. Each year as the reminder letter is sent to chapters for dues payment, the Secretary also requests an updated CIS form to keep our database current. That doesn't necessarily work for all chapters since some of you hold elections at other times of the year. Your chapter information is no longer current when new officers are installed. In that case, we need an update to keep the CIS information current!

Two names are critical on your CIS – the President and the Liaison. These are the two persons we send notifications and sometimes urgent messages to using the most current database. Liaison is a term that refers to the person who backs up the President for messages coming from us. Until recently, the Board had a member we identified as a liaison to your chapter. We've renamed our Board liaison to Chapter Advocate to avoid confusion. It will be the Chapter Advocate that will send reminders to update CIS data should your information become stale. Who knows when we might be trying to send you another check? We appreciate your help as we keep our database current.



The Chapter Information Sheet is posted here, so take a minute to download and fill it out, then return to our Secretary at:

Richard Tobiason, Secretary
Prime Timers Worldwide
1231 Kirts Blvd., Unit D
Troy MI 48084-4864


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