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Anticipation: A New Cycle Begins

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I remember the night before I married my wife of twenty years the mixture of emotions that seemed to overwhelm me as I was at the eve of a significant change in my life. She was and is a beautiful woman. What man would have doubt about whether this was the right step and the right man to be her husband in 1981? Have you ever been on the precipice of a new event, job, choice, or move and questioned your decision at the last minute?

As the end of the Prime Timers Worldwide Board's 2015-2017 approaches, the current Board made choices on whether to offer continued service in the same or another capacity in Prime Timers. Throughout the organization, other Board members have made or are making similar decisions on local Boards. In many chapters, term limits require retirement or movement to other positions – a shuffle of chairs. In some chapters, positions remain vacant as no one steps up to carry the load of keeping a chapter running. That's sad. Board work can be rewarding.

This year, I had to make a decision on whether to continue in my present position as a Membership Chairman in my local chapter or continue on the Worldwide Board with more responsibility. I love my chapter and enjoy doing the work of bringing in new members. But, the effort at the local level limited my performance on the present Worldwide Board and I knew it. So, my decision to run for president of Worldwide would require I step away from the job I enjoyed so much in San Antonio.

They say that you can make yourself happy or miserable wherever you are. It is up to you. If you look at the growth an opportunity can bring and find the good things in the community where you are, you will find happiness. Looking back is not helpful. There are new friends, interesting tasks, challenges to keep the mind active, and a possibility to leave a place better than you found it if you take that next step and leave your comfort zone. That is figurative since PTWW Board members do not have to move.

A new Board will assume responsibility in Chicago. Michael Stone will drift-off into semi-retirement, but be there when called upon after serving a combined six years as President and four years as Vice President of Independents. Terry Kyweriga will retire with almost six years as our Treasurer. A.J. Ratliff will head back to Texas, Michigan, or Florida where he makes his home after four years as a Director-at-Large. David Luby and Gary Copeland will also leave the Board after one term as Director-at-Large. Those departing members carry history and a body of work back to their home chapters and leave the new Board with empty shoes to fill. Their service is greatly appreciated and they will be missed.

Just two weeks from now, a new cycle begins with new leadership and the continuity of three Board members who remain. In the next issue of our newsletter, it will be me writing the President's article where I'll be telling you about the very talented men who will make up the Board for 2017-2019. It will be a team effort that includes you as we find relevance for the next thirty years in Prime Timers.

I've glanced back with a bit of doubt. But, I know there is a talented Membership Chairman that will be taking my place in San Antonio and there is much to anticipate in the next term. With the view from my current vantage point at age 73 and combination of life experiences, it invokes less apprehension for this new work assignment than did looking up that aisle as my bride approached. I look forward to working with and for you. And, yes, I'm gay!

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