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Do something utterly ridiculous. I can empathize with the person who is stuck in a highly emotional and physically challenging job/family/community-responsible position, wanting to go to a quiet, secluded island for vacation where they can read a good book and get away from all the pressure. I can also empathize with the person who, day-to-day, has to maintain a frustrating dignity who wants to go to a wild thickly populated place where they can shed their dignity and be completely anonymous and live on the wild side for their vacation.

When your plate has too much on it to cope with, making you depressed and irritable, get out of your rut and do something ridiculous (completely out of character with your usual persona and behavior) and go back to your usual routine with a smile on your face and ready to face those challenges that two weeks ago seemed insurmountable.

I am convinced that either alternative more often than not will solve your problems and make you a happier, saner, more responsible person until time to repeat the phenomenon.

People who know me are aware that this has been my approach to keeping a stable life since I first became a member of a profession where I was, in the eyes of the public, expected to be a dignified, "morally" responsible person. I am inclined to believe that I was successful because I reached every goal I could possibly have hoped to achieve professionally and then some.

But while I know it would not work for everyone, I followed the latter course.

My idea of "getting away from it all" was to go to New York or Mardi Gras where no one knew me or cared how I behaved.

Relaxing with a good book in a quiet place was at the bottom on my priority list of vacation choices. People with a different set of expectations should behave differently. But, whatever you do, do something ridiculous.

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