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Two Gentlemen of Distinction

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Way back when (around 2006), I heard from a man (H.B.) in the Columbia, S.C. area who expressed an interest in Prime Timers. Two years later, I heard from another fellow in the same area. I sent out a "chapter startup kit", but he claimed that the area was too "red neckie" and couldn't get anything started. Subsequently, he moved and now resides in Florida.

Late in 2013, H.B. contacted me again. At that time, along with his partner Brian, they got the chapter started in January of 2014. Over the years, I've kept in-touch with them and have been amazed at the miracle they created. Their newsletter is always full of colorful and exciting, varied events.

In April of last year, Robert and I went on a driving trip through the southeast. Columbia was on our agenda. These two men have 79 beautifully wooded acres with two homes on it. They loaned us one of the homes for our stay. It was beautifully furnished, warm, and hospitable, like the two of them. They kept us busy, immersing us in some of the chapter activities. We found the members to be super hospitable and warm, all in the true spirit of Prime Timers.

H.B. and Brian seem to have the right combination of working with groups and recruiting new members. In August, they traveled to Charleston, S.C. to setup a booth at the local Pride Celebration. They talked to lots of men and handed out information. As result, they were able to do something I had been unable to do: find local guys interested in starting a chapter in Charleston.

In late October, they worked with our Charlotte and Myrtle Beach chapters to produce the Carolinas Prime regional event. I flew down along with both Vice Presidents. Everyone worked very hard and, as a result, the event was a great success. In addition, a few men were there from Charleston and we were able to meet with them and answer questions. Another Carolinas Prime will happen in October of 2018. Our newest chapter, Prime Timers Charleston, S.C. started on Sunday, February 5th with 57 guys in attendance. As you might have guessed, H.B. and Brian were there to help it get started.

I've spoken with Brian, suggesting that he run for spot on the Worldwide Board. He's refused on more than one occasion. He feels he works best behind-the-scenes as he's been doing. This modest man is a dynamo and full of ideas and great connections. Now he is suggesting they will work to try to get a chapter started in Greenville, S.C. I felt it time to salute these two men for all they do for our group.


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