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Help Wanted and Needed!

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At each biennial convention, the board interviews candidate committees for the next convention (in October, it will be for the 2019 convention). What makes for a successful convention is competition. In past years, we've had as many as four chapters make presentations. Your chapter needs to jump on the bandwagon right now to get an early start.


It's not too late. Right now is the best time for interested chapters to contact us with their interest. You have between now and late October to prepare. The Worldwide Board will work with you hand-in-hand to guide you through the process. In addition, we have a printed manual called "How to Host a Convention" that covers many of the details. We can email this to you.

Each of our chapters resides in unique areas with so much to offer. Look around and find out which events will be offered in October of 2019. Consult your local Chamber of Commerce; they are always happy to work with you. Then form a subcommittee and contact one of us with your intention. We welcome the opportunity to work together with you in producing such an exciting event.

There is money to be made in hosting a convention; it's a great way for chapters to build up their treasury. Since putting out a plea via email this past week, I've heard from two chapters. It's time to step-up; throw your hats in the ring.

There is so much to share at conventions. At our upcoming Chicago convention in October, there are workshops that will help members with problems they may be experiencing; these are hands on learning opportunities. Jump right in and make 2019 a great convention year.


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