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Chattanooga Prime Timers Continues To Grow

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Chattanooga "Nooga" Prime Timers has added another activity to the many it offers its members: a book club. Starting with Kate Morton's The Lake House, Tennessee and North Georgia members meet on a regular basis to discuss new literary offerings. The group and books promise to bring hours of fun and enrichment.


Nooga Prime Timers continues to grow. Less than two years old, it boasts nearly thirty members. The curious inquire about us on our website and when gathered for functions (such as our third Saturday dine out). Word of mouth is a significant method of dissemination. New members are delighted to share how friends told them about (and invited them to join) Prime Timers. They relish the laid-back southern style of the group which nevertheless stays busy taking advantage of the innumerable cultural events,and natural beauty surrounding the city. Members like me, who before joining were unaware of half the treasures of the environs to delight in, have had their experience of Chattanooga, North Georgia and Alabama open up like never before. In the city, the plays we've attended recently, such as Sordid Lives, See Rock City, and others are a welcome opportunity to visit with members and enjoy the show.

We are lucky to discover the sundry talents our members have, such as Wayne and Buddy, musicians accomplished on several instruments; Glenn, a nurse who answers many of the group's medical questions; Ritch, an artist of great talent; Randy, a published author; Doug & Kevin, accomplished chefs; and Rick, who specializes in the restoration of old radios and other electronic devises. Rick, by the way, is our new webmaster and will be dressing up our online site. We have a talent for every event.

For those of us are members of Nooga Prime Timers, we all agree it is the best thing to happen in years. We look forward to future events and new members.

August is an especially beautiful and active month in Scenic City. Visitors the world over congregate to take advantage of outdoor offerings such as canoeing, hiking, biking, enjoying outdoor fairs and concerts, and visits to the various cultural and art institutions. For "Nooga" Prime Timers, it means the annual cookout and pool party at the "Wynnwood Hills Resort".

Wynnwood Hills is the name of the residence of board members Wayne Hartman and Glenn Waters. For the nearly two years of Chattanooga Primer Timer's history, it has served as a clubhouse and place to recreate. With its large pool, decks, gazebos, and private yard encircled by trees, it is a perfect setting for members to party, cut-up and get to know each other. After numerous springtime trips, including "Sweet Alabama" where members toured the Alabama Hall of Fame, Ivey Green Home of Helen Keller, the Frank Lloyd Rosenbaum Home, and W.C. Hardy birthplace, plus several concerts, many featuring Prime Timers own Buddy Shirk at the organ, taking at breather at Wynnwood is a welcome laid-back day in our busy calendar.

Several new members will be present for this year's outing. Nooga Prime Timers continues to grow steadily as word gets out about all the fun we have. It has nearly doubled in size since last summer. Those joining include members from North Georgia, North Eastern and Northwestern Tennessee, and visitors from Alabama and Kentucky. Newbies share in the splashing, cannon balling, diving, and cuttings up in the pool, and the delicious dishes & chat on the decks and in the gazebo. All is relaxed and easy, except leaving, which is always hard to do after spending time at the resort. But all leave knowing their friendships have deepened, and looking forward to the next Prime Timers event.


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