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A Primer on the Use of the Facebook Groups Concept as Applied to the Prime Timers Chapters

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How to create

You must have an account on Facebook for yourself as the main administrator. The Group is a list of linked folks who are attached to your account but need not be your friends. While you are logged into your account, make sure you are on your home page. Look at the left menu and some distance down you will find the Create Groups. Click on it.

A window will open entitled Create New Groups. Give your group a complete and unique name. Add yourself as a member, and make it a Closed Group. There are three privacy options. Think carefully about the environment where your club operates and select the level of privacy your group desires.

Then hit the button at the bottom that says create groups. 



Always have at least two administrators for the Group. This is done by going to the Group home page where you can pick a group picture, insert a description of the group, etc. Just under the Group Picture is a horizontal menu: Discussion, Members, Events, Photos and Files. Select Members and the menu below lists all of the members with short descriptions and photos. Under each members section is a *. Click on the * and you can make the person an administrator of the group.

Paid local members of the Chapter will join and interested friends will also ask to join. I would suggest you at first add to the group membership by adding members of the chapter who are already on Facebook. You can tell who the folks are because Facebook tells you of your mutual friends. Suggest that someone familiar with the membership be given this job. I generally make a judgment after seeing who the mutual friends are. Folks who have no mutual members, have no information as to who and where they are nor any of their interest, I send a note to see if they really want to join a FB Group for local gay adult men. Since internationally Prime Timers is for men, the local chapter decided to not admit females to the list.

Tags can be added to the group so when folks search for gay men, they can find the group. Experiment.

You can also create advertisement that target out gay men but our chapter has not done this.

I suggest that no explicit images be allowed. Moreover, it is not a place for members of the Group to advertise their services.

My chapter posts its newsletter and calendar each month. We love to have meals together and so we organize around that activity in several venues. We make sure images of the activities are displayed and are used to get folks out of their house.

As you will observe, posts occur chronologically and scowl off the page downward. This is normal. IF you desire some post to stay fixed at the top of the page, an administrator can pin the post. This means it stays at the top until unpinned.


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