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Labor Day Weekend Celebrates The 75th Anniversary Of The Wizard Of Oz

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The Central Oklahoma Prime Timers Love greeting their guests every year, and this year is no exception.

They also have a lot of fun coming up with a theme—for instance, since there were a lot of nuts claiming the world would end in 2012 because of the Mayan Calendar, there was a Mayan theme, and guests were encouraged to "Party like it's the end of the world."

This year, the chapter is excited to announce that in honor of the 75th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz they are making the theme The Wizard of OK. The catch phrase is "Daddies and Grandpas and Bears, Oh My!

There is still plenty of room for this year's Labor Day Weekend, and guests are expected to have a great time, as usual.

The five-day event held at the Southwest's premier gay resort – the Habana Inn in Oklahoma City – begins Thursday August 28, and continues through noon Monday, September 1, 2014.

Every year nearly 250 Prime Timers and their friends converge on the Habana Inn for a weekend of fun in the sun. The Habana features two swimming pools, three bars, a restaurant and an adult gift shop, plus shows on Thursday and Sunday nights, and is located in the heart of Oklahoma City's gay bar district.

Each day, Thursday through Sunday, begins with a poolside continental breakfast; the hospitality room will be open all day with snacks, soft drinks and water; and there is a daily happy hour, in addition to the traditional Thursday evening Welcome Party. The chapter can now accept credit cards for payment.

In addition to all that, five meals, three with entertainment, are included in the package deal: Friday and Saturday evenings, Saturday lunch by the pool, and Sunday and Monday brunches.

The Labor Day Weekend is a great entertainment value. You can select the PACKAGE DEAL for $180 before July 15. This includes your registration and all the events, including the five paid meals. Taking the package deal before July 15 saves you $69. If you register for the package deal after July 15, the price is $200. After August 15 and on site, the price is $220.

You can still select your events ala carte. You pay a registration fee of $95, and then select and pay for the meals you want. If you only want to register and attend one or two meals, this option saves you money. There is no early bird discount for choosing the ala carte option.

Either the package deal or registration only gives you access to the event, all happy hours, all continental breakfasts, the hospitality room, movies by the pool, and any other included events we introduce. COPT has always allowed guests to register when they arrive, but based on last year's attendance, they could easily run out of capacity at some of the meals. As a result, the registration fee for those who register after August 15 and on-site will be $120, and all meals will be ala carte subject to availability.

It's your choice – COPT wants to give you the same great value you've come to expect. They have raised prices slightly this year – the price of food, in particular, has gone up significantly. The package deal combined with the early bird discount offers you great savings. We think the Labor Day Weekend is still the best Prime Timer deal available each year.

Your hotel accommodations are not included in the registration fee for the event. You can check out the Habana Inn's website at

The Central Oklahoma Prime Timers look forward to seeing you in Oklahoma City in August.


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