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Oh, Those Memories! Founder Filosophy

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Come to think of it, there are things worse than old age. When I am in one of my "old age sucks" moods, I direct my thoughts to what has been so good--things that many of my friends never had the opportunity to experience because they left this world so soon in life.

How lucky I am to have lived so much longer than many of my friends--I lost young buddies in World War II, the AIDS epidemic, and for other reasons. Sometimes when I am in my "Count your blessings" moods, I turn to God and ask, "Why me? Why am I still here and they're not?"


Sure, my short time memory is next to nil; but what great memories I have of the past!!! And I say to God, "Thanks for the memories". Perhaps I give an inordinate amount of time to those thoughts; but, what the hell, they give me pleasure and that's what old age is about. Most of my thoughts of the future are limited by my physical limitations; but 13 pills a day is making those bearable...and the rest is just wait and see. My long term memory has blocked out most of the road bumps and I remember the good things. Psychologists say we do tend to remember the good easier than we do the bad. I think it works.

I spend as little time as possible in front of the mirror because the body that I see "ain't what it used to be"; but, then when I was young I though I was too skinny. The bay window and the sagging parts are not what I had envisioned. My dear ex (Sean) was also thin when young, and bay windowed as he got older, said once that at some time he must have been just right and didn't take time to notice.

But I have Prime Timers, I have friends, I have enough money to pay my bills here at the retirement home, I have better health than most old farts in my age category, and I have fun, hope, and lots of other goodies. And oh those memories!

And the way I dress doesn't have to be sartorially perfect; I can pig out on hot fudge sundaes, have no crease in my pants, or make by bed every day because people don't expect as much of you, the older you get. And the more you mature, the more you appreciate those freedoms that come only with advanced age. I don't even have to lie about my age except on Silver Daddies.

Guess this is all I have to philosophize about today. I need to get back to those memories anyhow. Oh, those memories!



Woody decided a couple of years ago that he wasn't up to writing several columns a year. The two of us agreed that I would choose appropriate articles from the past, and put those in the newsletter. He called his columns 'Founder Filosofy' and I think you'll agree, the philosophy in 'Filosofy' is profound. This column is from October 2007. Woody lives in Austin, TX and enjoys getting cards. – Rob Howard


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