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Prime Timers MSP Receives Community Award

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Photo by Hubert Bonnet, Lavender Magazine. Used by permission Photo by Hubert Bonnet, Lavender Magazine. Used by permission

Lavender Magazine in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, honored the MSP Prime Timers with a community award in October. The magazine noted in the award that “although being non-political, [Prime Timers MSP} is concerned with social issues that affect older gay and bisexual men. The members come together for the comradeship – the social aspect helping a generation that was afraid to come out of the closet.”


The article continued, “’You’re with a bunch of men who are all from the same generation, so you’re all coming from the same mindset,’ says Don Prince, a member since 2008. Members agree that some of the older generation don’t feel valued, so an important part of the group is getting them out, feeling proud of who they are as well as the value they bring to the community, stressing the importance that the community fight ageism and take advantage of wisdom that the elders bring with them.

“And, for a generation that may have come out and faced rejection by their own families, Prime Timers provides a chosen family for many. They are their own support system and take care of each other.”

The article also noted that the chapter is involved with AARP, Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly, and Twin Cities Pride. With Little Brothers, the chapter achieves the dual purpose of having a group to refer members to when their needs are greater than a social group, and provides a volunteer outlet for members that wish to share their time with the community.

Congratulations to the MSP chapter for this great community award.

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