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RGV Works with Other Rights and Religious Organizations to Support Equality in the Rio Grande Valley

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by Garrett Henry, Vice President, RGV Prime Timers

As we all look forward to celebrating Pride month this June, we in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas had one more battle to fight before we could pause to celebrate all the gains we’ve made over the past year for gay rights and equality.



The Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas gave notice of their intention to protest against three Brownsville Churches on Sunday, May 20, 2012, because these congregations allowing divorcees and homosexuals in their churches and because one of the churches has a female minister. Word of their protest circulated throughout the Valley via Facebook and helped galvanize our troops, which not only include the RGV Prime Timers, but also PFLAG, the Stonewall Democrats of the RGV, the Young Democrats of Texas, and others. In all, nearly 200 of us united to counter-protest the small contingent of WBC radicals to give them notice that the Rio Grande Valley would not condone their message of hate and intolerance. 


Through counter-protesting against WBC at each of the three church locations, we were able to send a strong message of our unity against bigotry and prejudice and send these fanatics packing. By the end of our counter-protest, the 200 of us were more united than ever and celebrated at a peace rally at the Valley Veterans’ Memorial site in Brownsville, taking photographs and sharing stories of the day’s battle against WBC.


In the end, we all agreed that we made a big difference that day, and we basked in our glory knowing that Brownsville and Valley residents came out to support us in this fight and send a strong message of tolerance, acceptance and respect for gay rights in the Rio Grande Valley of south Texas.

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