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An Important Club For Men Our Age

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Over the past two years, I have had the opportunity to visit several chapters, and I’m here to tell you, we are a very friendly group of folks. It makes me proud to be your president.

At every chapter I’ve visited, people have knocked themselves out to make me feel welcome. Beyond that, I have heard many, many stories about how important Prime Timers has become to individuals. Some had given up hope that they would ever find friends who were like them. Some had given up searching for a partner. The have found those friends, and those partners, through Prime Timers.


In the ten years I have been on the board, I have made many friends in many cities. I also get to visit with many of you at Central Oklahoma’s Labor Day Weekend each year, and at the five conventions I’ve attended.


Prime Timers is an important organization for people our age, and for those who relate more to people our age. It is recognition that gay life doesn’t end at 30. That just because we don’t frequent the bars as much as we used to doesn’t mean we don’t want friends.

It doesn’t mean that we don’t go to bars – here in Oklahoma City our Friday night cocktail hour is one of our most popular events. My favorite in the last year was visiting with 18 of our Cross Timbers members who had come to OKC for the weekend, only to be greeted with an F5 tornado and torrential rains. But we all had fun anyway.

Looking through most of the chapter newsletters, I see social events that continue to amaze. From opera groups, and film nights, to cruises, dinners, parties, pot-lucks, and visits to historic places, Prime Timers are out doing things with their friends. That’s the way it is supposed to be.

Prime Timers are a great group of people and I enjoy seeing every one of you, wherever that may be. I look forward to seeing you in Columbus in October.

On a personal note, my husband Dub and I received a lot of congratulations following our wedding in late July in Iowa. Several of our guests were Prime Timer friends from various cities. Thanks for your thoughts – we will both see you soon.


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