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Need a Home for Your Chapter's Website? PTWW Can Help!

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If your chapter has a website that assists existing members and attracts new members, that website needs to "live" somewhere. When visitors go to, for instance, this website is stored on a robust computer system owned by a hosting company. This company provides a place for your website to live, usually at a cost of $3 - $10 per month. This can easily add-up to $36 - $120 in the course of a year!


As a service to all chapters, Prime Timers Worldwide offers free hosting of your chapter's website. With no cost for the transfer, your website can live on the PTWW server with no monthly fees. The server is owned by 1&1 Internet Inc., a high-speed, reliable hosting company.

If your chapter is interested in moving your website to PTWW, there are two major components to the move: the website itself and the domain name. Your website consists of many files & folders that will be moved to the PTWW server. PTWW also provides a standard domain name (such as to access your website. This domain name is used by visitors to find your website on the Internet. Custom, shorter domain names (such as incur an annual fee. If you already have a custom domain name with another company, you can simply point this name to the PTWW server at no cost. But if you need a custom domain name, the fee is usually $8-$10 per year.

Don't worry about all of the technical jargon. If your chapter wants to start saving money and move your website to the PTWW server, just give the PTWW webmaster a call at 330-658-3872 or e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He will take care of all of the details. The process is quite easy and only takes 2-3 days.

Some chapters use free online services such as Google Sites or Facebook to represent themselves. Both are good solutions for creating websites for your chapters. If your website currently exists on a "free" service, there is no need to move it to the PTWW server.

If your chapter does not have a website or if your current website needs a facelift, PTWW provides website design services at minimal cost. For $120 or less, you can have a professionally designed, attractive, useful website with free, unlimited training and support. We also provide you with a training website that fully explains how to maintain your new website (don't worry, there are lots of pictures and how-to videos). Please contact the PTWW webmaster for details.

Moving your chapter's website to the PTWW server is relatively easy and will save your chapter money in the long run. Please take advantage of this free service offered to all chapters!


Tom Hammond is Prime Timers Worldwide webmaster, and is a very special guy. Why? Because he is both technically expert, and can explain to you in plain English what he is doing. If you have any experience at all with computer guys, you know what a find that makes him.

He has designed websites for several chapters, and gives plain language, easy to follow instructions on how to post things to the website, and keep information current. We are very lucky to have Tom looking after our web presence.

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