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Meeting Many of You and Making New Friends

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October marks my 9th anniversary of serving on the board of Prime Timers Worldwide. Something transitional has happened to me over those nine years. Up until that time my work with Prime Timers consisted of presiding over the Sarasota chapter. In October of 2003 I attended the Houston Convention and was elected as Vice-President of Chapters.


That was the start of my real work with Prime Timers Worldwide. Along with that position I began to visit chapters and to talk to groups. At first I used notes or outlines of what I was going to say. By the time I was elected as President of Prime Timers Worldwide in Reno in 2007 the notes were fewer.

Recently I was asked as to what I do and what I say when I go out to talk to chapters. Most importantly, what do I say to a group of perfect strangers when I go to a city and meet in order to start a new chapter? The answer is in the transformation that I’ve experienced over the past 9 years.


Starting with the Toronto convention I realized I really don’t need notes. I messed up my acceptance speech for a second term as President by looking at those notes! I then put them in my pocket. Instead I looked out at the men in the audience. I no longer needed notes. I saw individual faces, happy to be there and eager for information. That is why they’re there; that was their need. My need goes hand-in-hand with them because my need is to share my experience. Those of you who may have been there might remember that I asked those men to join in making an agreement for us to work together. That work, over 9 years, has added 24 more chapters to our organization. Together, we continue to make that happen.

The last new chapter I visited on their first day was in March of this year. The result is now the Palm Beaches chapter in Florida. I’m most comfortable when I’m with groups of Prime Timers. We have everything in common: we’ve shared so many of life’s experiences. We know the ins and outs of working to start a chapter and, best of all, the joy we feel at being part of such a great organization. Sure there are frustrations and problems at times. That’s part of the learning curve.

October also marks another birthday for me. What? Can the calendar be wrong? I don’t feel anywhere near 70. My father never got past 40. That same calendar also shows days filled with visits around the country to work with existing and upcoming chapters. My email has a nice, healthy list of guys I need to call to talk about starting chapters in their areas.

I thank each and every one of you for sharing our time together. Oh, yes, one more favor, please. Continue working with me and our board members because there are so many more cities that can benefit from having Prime Timers chapters there. I know all of you as friends and together we will make it happen.

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