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Smiles And Camaraderie!

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While visiting a recent Prime Timer event at another chapter, I met a smiling, relatively new member who related the story of his life-long partner's passing. His despair was treated by a doctor who dealt with the loss of "the love of his life". Yes, grief happens when the loss of a wife or husband happens just as it does when there are two men joined in a life of togetherness! The "straight" doctor advised that it would be good to get back out of the house and socialize to combat the loneliness. "Why don't you try Prime Timer?" the doctor suggested. "Who?" that new member said he asked.

That exchange in a doctor's office began this new Prime Timers association with his chapter of men who gather for the positive interactions that brings smiles and bursts of laughter I've witnessed in all the chapters I've had the pleasure to visit to date. Our organization brings together men with more commonality than just being gay or bi-sexual. We all have all experienced life's events. However, I've observed, a gay man can tell the story of an experience in a way that forces a grin or outright belly laugh. That's a very healthy addition to anyone's day.

Why did my new friend and his partner not know of Prime Timers until a doctor providing therapy mentioned the organization? Until a friend from church mentioned Prime Timers to me along with an invitation to a luncheon meeting, I also had never heard of this group? We tend to be a more silent segment of the gay community. Fortunately, that is changing.

We all need the camaraderie that can be found in Prime Timers and we need to share our story with those we know. As a former membership chairman in the San Antonio Chapter, I was pleased to see membership double to over 200 in four years. That was not the result of my performance as membership chairman. The growth is attributed to San Antonio Prime Timers telling their friends about the fun they were having in their chapter. It is a sure way to bring new members to your chapter, too. Your Worldwide Board will be bringing ideas and recommendations on how to spread the news about Prime Timers very soon!

In the next two months, I will be visiting chapters in Phoenix, Palm Springs, Hamilton and Toronto in Ontario and crossing the Atlantic on a cruise with Prime Timers from across the breadth of our 75 chapters. I'll also be encountering men from many chapters at the Central Oklahoma Prime Timers Labor Day Weekend Getaway and the North and South Carolina chapters Carolina's Prime Regional in Myrtle Beach. I am sure to add to the list of stories of how members became Prime Timers and observe the antics used by Prime Timers to provoke laughter and smiles while relating their stories. It's good medicine!


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