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Introducing: Michael Stone ‘Creating A Change In The World’

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It all starts with the individual and the vision he has of something he feels he needs to get accomplished. It's only when that vision is fed by the support he gets from people who are able to align themselves with its purpose that it begins to grow. Lastly, only when that vision becomes much greater than the individual, can it become a force for change in the world.


I'm starting off with a bit of my personal philosophy. Knowing me should be a part of that biography! I feel I have a unique outlook; I awake each morning in celebration of my life and the world around me. I feel that each day provides a clean slate of unwritten history. What I do will dictate how that history is written. I can sum up my feelings in this short statement, "Our lives are what we make them. Our sorrows are our own, but our joys, surely, belong to the world.

My journey began in Southern California. I longed to be in education but had not the discipline or devotion to follow that path at that time. Cars and clothes and good times came first. I later moved on to San Francisco. After 5 fun years there I relocated to Denver, Colorado, where I remained for the next 33 years. I moved to Sarasota, Florida nearly 20 years ago. Until age 29 I worked in the construction equipment industry, both in California and Colorado.

Never being one to rush things I completed work at the University of Colorado, receiving my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education at age 31. During my 26 years of teaching I returned to school for two post graduate degrees: A master's degree in International Relations in 1983 and another master's degree in Special Education in 1991.

Most of my teaching years were spent working with children and the last 9 years were spent teaching Special Education to children with special needs, in addition to working at the University of Denver working with adults. You'll often hear me joke when I say that my years working with children helped to prepare me for my work with Prime Timers.

After retiring, I moved to Sarasota, Florida in 2001. I started the Prime Timers chapter there later that year. I was President for 5 years with membership eventually reaching 263. Concurrent with that and continuing on and off, I was also President of the homeowners' association board.

In 2003, I joined the Prime Timers Worldwide board. My first 4 years were as Vice-President of Chapters and the next 4 years I served as President. At the end of that term the board asked me to stay on and created the position of 'Director Emeritus' which I continue to serve. I returned as President for a 2-year term from 2015 until last November. I'm proud to say that during my time with Prime Timers, I've helped start about 35 chapters.

For the past 10 years, I spent much time traveling the world, usually escorting Prime Timers on cruises and travels, along with my partner Robert Rosenthal. We've taken Prime Timers to China, Amsterdam, Germany, Southeast Asia and Paris. In September we take a group of Prime Timers (including our current President) from London to Miami. Other travels are spent visiting chapters and relatives. I still have a 95 year old mother! I've never loved anything more and am happiest when I am interacting and working together with fellow Prime Timers.


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