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The Value of Prime Timers

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As I viewed the embryo of a future granddaughter for our late chapter president, I thought of the unexpected links that are formed by our association with Prime Timers and the friends and extended relationships that are formed because we found this organization. Fortunately for Gene, cancer did not take him before knowing the joy of having his first grandchild – a boy. This new granddaughter will have to be celebrated by his friends in Prime Timers that developed a lasting bond with Gene's daughters who came to love the Prime Timers and their acts of kindness and concern through his long struggle with incurable cancer. Do you have examples of how your chapter's acts of caring for fellow Prime Timers have become unforgettable bonds between family members and Prime Timers Worldwide?


Our organization has moved to a much greater purpose than just a social event from time to time in our 30 years of growth. Lasting friendships, romances that led to marriage, contributions that support local charities, acts of kindness to fellow Prime Timers and other meaningful examples too numerous to mention have occurred because a society name Prime Timers Worldwide came to our city in the form of a local chapter. Think of friends you have that you may never have known had you never become a Prime Timer!


From my current position on the Worldwide Board, I have the unique opportunity to see our society from a perspective most of us would never even imagine. Chapter visits allow me to broaden my knowledge of our organization by seeing unique ways chapters promote fellowship and care for those in need of attention within their chapters. The smiling faces and raucous laughter remain true to the original purpose of that first gathering organized by our founder, Woody Baldwin. Men who may have remained alone or by twos in their apartments are out and having fun with friends in a variety of settings from bowling alleys to restaurants, member homes to concert halls or ballparks to happy hours. In chapter newsletters or at Board meetings, I hear or read reports on positive actions taken by chapter committees that focus on members' challenges with mobility, finances, or health. A helping hand is available for those with whom we've established the bond of brotherhood. That, to me, is the invaluable aspect of Prime Timers. Those who might have been alone are not!


Chapters within the Prime Timers Worldwide society operate as independently, affiliated entities. Local Boards make decisions appropriate to the size, geographic location, demographics and member interests on how they can best succeed. They are guided by the general policies of the worldwide organization as they pledged to do when requesting to charter their chapter. The Worldwide Board provides the general structure of the organization to support chapters as they request. We promote the society on our worldwide web page and provide local chapter support by our webmaster with links on our page to all chapters. That makes individual chapters easy to find for those searching for information, thinking of joining, or traveling to your location. The central organization promotes travel opportunities and regional events to encourage Prime Timers from all locations to meet and socialize. Every other year on odd numbered years, Worldwide partners with a local chapter to hold our Worldwide Convention. San Antonio is coming up in 2019! At the regional and worldwide events, we promote health and wellness seminars tailored to our membership and in between provide that sort of information to all members through our bi-monthly newsletter Prime Times. As Board member finances allow, we attend chapter events to promote that chapters and the Prime Timers society. Our Chapter Advocates report back good news from the chapters to the Board to keep us informed on trends and activities. The members of Prime Timers provide a positive network of gay and bisexual men as examples of the goodness found within the gay community throughout the world.


Most of you have not yet met me personally. When you do, you will find a strong advocate for both the social aspects of Prime Timers and the bonds that develop among our membership. I may look a bit different from when you previously saw me – I cut off my mustache and shortened my hair this month. But, beyond the (Continued from page 4)
physical appearance you will find me steadfastly promoting Prime Timers as a worthy place to share your time with others. The closeness of our friendships lead to lasting memories and relationships. Who knows? You, too, may one day provide a big hug to an expectant mom as she shows you the sonogram of the future granddaughter of a Prime Timer "eternal" or from some other act that reminds you of the true value of Prime Timers – the friendships that enrich your life.


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