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Sailing Abroad An Old Friend With New Friends

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Since first boarding her on December 1, 2012, outside of Rome, I've always looked back on the Celebrity Silhouette as a dear old friend. The ship was nearly new and our group numbered near 100, coming from all over the globe. We spent sixteen days aboard the ship, ending in Ft. Lauderdale. The consensus was in: everyone loved nearly everything about the ship and the Prime Timers they met...


Shortly afterwards we were able to again book the ship for a seven-day Eastern Caribbean cruise and, again, everyone loved the ship. I can't put my finger on the date but I think it was January of 2014. When Courtyard Travel suggested we take a January 2018 cruise aboard the Silhouette, I was thrilled.

Being familiar with the ship and its venues made it a bit easier for us to plan our onboard events. Setting up group dining was easier now than in the past and we were able to seat our group of 65 all at the early seating in our own dining room.

What a surprise when I arrived at Port Everglades and spotted the ship. She looked every bit as good as she looked in 2012. Once aboard I was overwhelmed. It seemed spotless and brand new. I'm always looking for wear and tear but I could find none. Above is the picture I took of her as she sat docked at the pier in Costa Maya, Mexico. Doesn't she look grand and regal? Just the vessel we all deserve to board as Prime Timers!

As in the past, Celebrity was there to work with us. Our onboard group coordinator jumped right in to help us. The maître d in the dining room jumped right in to bring some of our folks to dine with us. Several were mistakenly scheduled for late seating. In the past, waiters never like us to move around; all that has changed. They now encouraged us to move around. We did so every night and it was really rewarding sitting and dining with new friends we might not have met had we stayed put in our seats.

This marks the twelfth year I've escorted travels for Prime Timers with Courtyard Travel. I have to tell you this was one of the friendliest bunch of folks I can remember. Everyone jumped right in and gave so much energy and fun to the group. We had great weather and besides seeing some new faces, it was so wonderful spending time with old friends and introducing them to the new friends.

At the end of each cruise, we ask for a written evaluation of the journey. This cruise had the highest ratings I can remember. Robert is already looking ahead to 2020 to see when we can book the Silhouette, again, and find us a new itinerary.

One of our past worldwide presidents once said that the bonds and camaraderie on the cruises were one of the best things that we do (as an organization) to promote interaction and communications among members. I agree. In addition, our friends at Courtyard Travel continue to make donations to the Woody Baldwin fund after each travel opportunity. Thank you, friends old and new, for sharing your lives with all of us. We look ahead to future adventures with you.


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