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Why Should I Book Early When I Don’t Know What’s Going To Happen

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Who can tell the future? Who knows what's going to happen? Will I be healthy enough to make plans a year away? Why should I even think of that?


Making plans for a trip can be daunting. Everybody is urging you to book early and there are no assurances. What about a penalty if you can't go?

What if.....what if......?


When you book with cruises arranged by Courtyard Travel, hosted by Michael and Robert, and benefitting Prime Timers Worldwide, you can rely on No Penalty if you cancel 90 days before the cruise. Yes — Full payment and no questions.

What?????? You don't have to be sick and get a doctor's note and wait for months for the company to decide. That's right. Just a call to Courtyard Travel telling them you are cancelling.

That's great but why book early, sometimes a year or more in advance?

We get cabins as soon as they are available and the ship discounts them. We never know when they increase the fares. We recently had a $500 increase in fares for a cruise. If you wanted to go on that cruise and had not booked right away you would pay more. Cabins go up in price the closer we get to sailing.

Here is the answer to what to do if you are thinking about one of Courtyard Travel cruises, hosted by Michael and Robert, and benefitting Prime Timers Worldwide. BOOK NOW and you can cancel 90 before sailing without penalty. That's having your CAKE AND EATING IT TOO.


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