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My "Bucket List" Is Growing!

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2017 minus 1944 equals.... 73! 73? How is that possible? I really don't think about my age very often. Birthdays come with a new calculation on November 17th. It's really a state of mind that determines your age. I'm young at heart and ageless in spirit. At age 70, I huffed my way up a mountain trail with Michael and Alfredo (two fellow Prime Timers) at my side to look down upon a "bucket list" item in all its glory – Machu Picchu in Peru. I'm still planning trips and challenges because my mind still tells me I have no limits.

In Prime Timers, I'm surrounded by like-minded youngsters in their 70s or 80s that continue to enjoy what each new day offers. Often it is an event put together by my Prime Timers chapter in San Antonio or, more recently, by other chapters of Prime Timers. 2018 started with a bang in Denver after I accepted an invitation from Dick Moore, Colorado Prime Timers' president, to attend their Board meeting and other events. Visiting a Prime Timers chapter in another city expands your knowledge about the way things are done elsewhere and reinforces the truth that Prime Timers are strikingly similar in their friendliness, youthful spirits and desires to get out of the house and have some fun.

Each chapter of Prime Timers has its own formula for success that works for them. That's why we are a society of independent chapters linked by our common goals of providing friendship, activities, support, and personal growth. In Colorado, their winning formula is having Dick Moore remain their president for fifteen consecutive years. Other chapters have specific terms and term limits. Whatever works best is determined by the personality and leadership of the individual chapter.

My visits provide perspective, good ideas to share and answers to questions. For instance, why does Colorado Prime Timers say in their excellent newsletter "serving Colorado for 31 years"? I thought Prime Timers was founded in Boston! I found the answer in Denver. It seems there was a group of men in Colorado that coincidentally formed for social events in 1987 and called themselves Prime Timers, too. Ultimately, the group affiliated with Woody's group. I met one of the founding members of Denver's group in a packed luncheon crowd where we discussed a wide-ranging group of topics including, "What do we get from Worldwide for our $2 dues per member?" Did you know that Colorado Prime Timers has its own professional Santa Claus? For an excellent summary of the activities that occurred in Denver, I recommend going to the website and clicking on the newsletter tab. Colorado Prime Timers current edition has the story of that wonderful visit.

Why are chapters seeing me show up and who is paying for that? Last answer first, Prime Timers Worldwide is not paying for the trips. Worldwide has a limited budget to support our website maintenance and updates, chapter website development, new chapter formation expenses, our newsletter, the Worldwide Convention and requested support for chapters. Each Board member funds his own travel out of his love for Prime Timers. Chapters sometimes pay a portion of travel expenses with free meals and lodging in a member's home or a hotel or in other ways. That is greatly appreciated because it makes more trips possible. We go to chapters to emphasize how important they are to their community and this Society and to find examples of ideas working at the chapter level to share with other chapters.

So, at 70, Machu Picchu was beautiful. But, I'm finding there is also great beauty surrounding me in a crowd of Prime Timers during a chapter visit. By the time I calculate 2019 minus 1944, I will hopefully have stood in many more chapter events to see Prime Timers enjoying themselves in Sarasota, Tampa Bay, New Orleans, Mobile, Tallahassee and Charlotte. Those are on my schedule already. Perhaps Denver's Santa can assist me with travel to your chapter in his sleigh. Because I am still young at heart, visiting you would be a great goal for me to add to my "bucket list".

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