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I was born and raised in Singapore. You know, that strange place where you are not allowed to chew gum. Well, I never liked chewing gum anyway so that rule never bothered me, and I suspect didn't bothered a lot of Singaporeans either.

My childhood was unremarkable. I didn't like or dislike school. I didn't excel academically but I wasn't failing either. I was never bullied nor was I popular. For the most part, people left me alone. Since I have albinism, people never quite figured out how to deal with me anyway, which suited me fine. I've learned early on how to enjoy my own company.

When I was growing up, I always thought myself to be attracted to both men and women, with a stronger leaning toward men. It was very hard to disentangle my sexual feelings when I found both Olivia Newton-John and Ryan O'Neal attractive. I didn't have any romantic feelings for anyone although I did have a crush on a male classmate during 8th grade. And of course, no one talked about homosexuality there and then. The education experience in Singapore was very intense so I spent much of my time focused on my studies.

When I attended graduate school in the US, I found another of my male classmates attractive. The problem was that I couldn't figure out why I started having jealous feelings toward the woman he was dating then. It was only after a lot of introspection and confronting my own feelings that I finally had to accept that I was actually gay.

After graduate school and having parted ways with the classmate I was attracted to, I decided to focus on my career as a researcher. By then, I was already out to my family and friends. I did date a number of men but the relationships were mostly disappointments.

A job opportunity in 2012 brought me to the Chicago area, where a year later, I met my current partner, Gary. We now live together with our dog, Jessie.

I have heard of Prime Timers before but never thought about joining until recently. So new am I to this group that this past August issue of Prime Times was the first I received and read, which I also found out about this newsletter editor position as well. Well, here I am. If I succeed at nothing else, I will at least try to entertain you as you read through what I will be putting together in the coming months!

So what appealed me to volunteer my time in this new venture? For one, I was always interested in news and information. I read a lot as a kid and was always curious. I also like putting things together. My father used to work as a producer for the local nightly television news and I had an opportunity once to see he and his team at work. And finally, I get to do something that doesn't require me to get out of the house!

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