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Who Is This New President?

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I am Jack Nimmo, a 73-year old gay man, who has the honor of following in the footsteps of Woody Baldwin and other presidents that have led Prime Timers Worldwide through the thirty years of our existence and growth. Recently in Chicago, this little-known Prime Timer became your newest leader. Where did Jack come from?

During WWII, I was born at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina to an Army Air Corp Captain and his young bride who grew up in the flat Texas panhandle. Dad was from Omaha. Two brothers followed my birth and we were a happy, healthy family that knew tight economic times as well as financial success. I grew up in Ada, Oklahoma, a small town of about 12,000 people so feeling isolated in my thoughts was probably familiar to many of our Prime Timers. Fate arrived in the mail one day. Life magazine published an article in the early 1960s describing "gay life" in major cities in the United States. It was that article that helped me realize that I was not alone in my feelings about being attracted to men versus women and where to find it

Through my early college years, I remained in my hometown and joined a fraternity, dated girls, won election to the Student Senate, performed in plays, emceed the college variety shows and behaved as others in my community do. However, my eyes were always on Houston where Life magazine told me I could find gay life. I transferred to the University of Houston and ultimately found Westheimer Street and the like-minded men that populated that gay district. I was 21.

Vietnam was raging and young men on college deferments were allowed to stay in school. I focused on "coming out" rather than grades and ultimately dropped out of college and joined the Air Force. It turned out to be a great decision as it provided the basis for a career I never would have thought to pursue – Air Traffic Control. I spent a total of 37 years in air traffic control for the Air Force and Federal Aviation Administration. Through my initial years in this occupation, I had a series of "lovers" but kept that closeted and moved up through the ranks of management in FAA to become a leader in the organization. After several failed relationships, I left gay life and married a wonderful woman who knew I was gay when we met. I do not regret that twenty years of marriage because it included a successful career and two wonderful children. In 2002, our marriage ended in an acrimonious divorce that included "outing" me to FAA. To my surprise, the FAA fully embraced me and my career moved forward as did I.

It was in 2002 that I came back out and have found happiness in a different gay experience. After retirement, I took on another challenge for the Chickasaw Nation as manager of a large contract with the Army Dental Command. While in San Antonio, I met my partner of ten years, Tim Butler, and found churches that affirm me as one of God's creatures and the fun society called Prime Timers. I've worked in charitable causes like food pantries and The Food Bank before concentrating on Prime Timers. I quickly moved into a San Antonio Board position where I've served four years. In 2015, I was elected as a Director-at-Large on the Prime Timers Worldwide Board and moved to the vacant Chairman of the Independent Chapter position. On October 30th I was elected as president of Prime Timers Worldwide in Chicago. That in a large nutshell is the life history of the Society's newest president.

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