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Worldwide Board Members

board-members2Have questions about your current chapter, want to start a new chapter, or wish to know more about the worldwide organization?  Feel free to contact any of the board members below for more information.  You may call, send an postal letter, e-mail, or message directly using the contact form.  Our board is more than happy to answer any question(s) that you have.

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Name Position Phone Mobile Suburb State
Jack Nimmo President 210-384-4562 301-257-7308 San Antonio TX
Woody Baldwin 1920-2016, Founder/Emeritus, Exofficio
Michael Stone Director Emeritus 941-359-8212 941-914-0131 Sarasota FL
Gary Payne Vice President 702-629-9733 Henderson NV
Samuel W. Powell, Jr. Chairman of Independent Chapter 704-591-5220 Rock Hill SC
Richard Tobiason Secretary 248-362-4973 Troy MI
James O’Brien Treasurer 804-794-4851 804-386-8103 North Chesterfield VA
Tom Hammond Director-at-Large 330-658-3872 Doylestown OH
Mark Hatten Director-at-Large 469-660-4668 Carrollton TX
Vinnie Primerano Director-at-Large 561-260-6922 404-642-6070 Lake Worth FL
Adrian Liau Newsletter Editor 404-642-6070 Skokie IL
Tom Hammond Webmaster 330-658-3872 Doylestown Ohio