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Worldwide newsletters

This mailing list notifies you when a new issue of the quarterly Prime Timers Worldwide newsletter becomes available.

Chapter newsletters

When a chapter newsletter becomes available (from any chapter), this mailing list notifies you of that.  If you wish to be notified of particular chapter newsletters, use the RSS notify feature instead (in the "Tell You" menu above).

Chapter news

When chapters release information about their activities, this mailing list will notify you about these information updates.


This mailling list notifies you when the Prime Timers Worldwide board makes announcement to its membership.


When events are added to the Prime Timers Worldwide calendar (such as cruises, regional events, conventions, and annual chapter events), this mailing list notifies you of these events.


This mailing list notifies you of Prime Timers members who recently passed away.

Personal stories

When Prime Timers members contribute personal stories, this mailing this notifies you as these stories are posted on the Prime Timers Worldwide website.

Community bulletin board

When Prime Timers members post to the Community Bulletin Board, this mailing list informs you of new postings.

PTWW website features & tips

This area keeps you up-to-date with content related to the Prime Timers Worldwide website itself.  Its many content areas and features are described, new features are introduced, and important messages that members need to know to use it effectively.

Video of the Month

This mailing list announces a new Video of the Month posted on the PTWW website.  These videos are gay related, humorous, and rated "PG" (for the most part).  Have a video that you wish to share?  Please do so via the "Tell Us" menu at the top of the PTWW website.