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Helping Hands

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The group was called "Helping Hands". After trying to get an assistance program of this kind going in our Sarasota chapter way back when, I named it 'Helping Hands' based on the handshake logo of Prime Timers Sarasota and Prime Timers Worldwide! It was decided that at first the group of volunteer members would shop, furnish rides, and help with household chores for those who were incapacitated or possibly needing help with their partners.

This actually started in the Sarasota Chapter in 2012. It has since been revised and reworked. It worked well when needed. I also introduced the concept to chapters when I traveled and visited with them. Over time, it started in several chapters with mixed results. In kicking it off, a notice needs to be emailed to all members to get their names on a list of volunteers for this phase. It is something that each of us needs at some point, as we continue to age.

Several years later we had a few cases of members who lived alone and had been ill or had passed away. Initially we took the entire list of members and paired each up with someone they might not know too well and each would put in a quick telephone call each morning to the next, briefly stating 'good morning' and just asking how they were and if they needed anything. It met with mixed results.

Not everyone participated in the second part because those with partners had someone to look in on them. However, it was quite successful for those living alone. It's something that took only a few minutes. Members reported that they really looked forward to their calls each morning.

When I left the chapter as President in 2006 I turned over the files to my successor. I'm hoping the above information is enough to give you a picture of how to go about it. Recently, newer revised versions have been showing up in chapters. I now invite those chapters to contact me, when reading this article. I hope they will allow me to include their information with my information. Tell me what worked and what did not work, so that together we can create a framework to pass on.

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