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The Summer Of Hell (Almost)

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A few weeks ago, my friend Jim and I visited the Georgetown Kentucky area to see many of the famous horse farms. I had the chance to admire a few of the multimillion dollar horses that race at some of the celebrated race tracks around this country and the world.

The trip ALMOST turned out to be "the vacation from Hell". It was bad enough that we had to get up at 3:30 in the morning in order to get to the airport in time for the 5:45 am flight. We got the first hint of trouble on the flight from Providence to Kentucky. There was supposed to be a one- hour layover in Baltimore. Turned out the second flight was canceled. The only other available flight that day was SEVEN hours later. You haven't lived until you try killing seven hours in an airport. The thing that helped a little was the fact that there were rocking chairs available to sit in. But if you think seven hours in a rocking chair is good, let me tell you, you're off your rocker.

Jim and I had a fantastic time touring many of the horse farms in the area. It was hot and humid most days with a lot of walking. Mostly, we both felt tired but happy.

But during the last few days of the vacation, I felt short of breath a great deal of the time. I kept thinking "heart attack" to myself, but I just did not want to say it out loud. By the time I got home, it was worse with a large spike in my blood pressure. Managed to get a fast appointment with my cardiologist. After an examination, I was told it was NOT a heart attack, just something related to a heart problem I have had for a long time. She changed my meds and added a new one. All seems to be well now.

Jim, on the other hand, kept saying he wasn't sick but just didn't feel right during our trip. He woke up one morning with one side of his face drooping and slurred speech. We both thought stroke, but never spoke the word. We went to the local walk-in, they examined him and they sent him to the local hospital ER. There it was determined that it was not a stroke, but something called Bells Palsy, a virus that can be treated. They gave him a few meds and now he's well on the way to recovery, but he was told that it may return. Great fun for us both while we are 900 miles away from home.

It's now two weeks since we returned. My new meds seemed to have resolved my problem. Jim feels he's improving every day, but still has a ways to go for a full recovery. Someone asked me the other day if I would go again. I gave him my answer in two simple words.......HELL YES!

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